Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My husband

Here goes! Ive never been very good at saying how I feel I write it better. For those of you who do not know how I met my husband we met on the Internet a site called crushorflush.com ( how crazy is that?) The first time I met him was in Malvern at Walmart. He wanted to come to my house to meet me but I really didn't want my best friend playing me on the Lifetime movie network either. So I told him I will come to you! I went ready for war armed with a butterfly knife, a 20gage, and a .38 under the seat. Little did I Know that soon I was going to be in the safest place in the world his arms!
The minute I met him I was head over hills in love with him. When he was walking towards me from the store I could feel my heart beat in my throat. He had the biggest smile, and I melted watching him walk! Anyone that knows him says "with Ray what you see is what you get" they are so very right. He is the sweetest kindest man I have ever met. He is leaving next week and it is killing me and him both. We have gotten use to each others company. I'm probably more use to him than he is me. I have never been a needy or clingy person and anyone that knows me knows that. I have always been depended on myself and NO ONE else. When I met him the more I got to know him the more I depended on him. I do everything he tells me he is the boss (yes I said it he is the boss) I do have a say in things but when it comes down to last word it is his choice. I love that about him! I love everything about him. Now he is leaving me going back on the pipeline and I am scared to death. I don't know what I will do with myself when he is gone. The past few nights I have cried myself to sleep and he just says baby it will be okay and he holds on until I fall asleep. I try so hard not to cry because I know it makes it harder on him. but You know when I am away from him it hurts to breath and I feel like part of me is missing. The first thing that he says to me every night when we lay down in the bed is "Ive been waiting on this all day" and he holds me so tight I cant hardly breath much less move, it is the best feeling in the world. I look at him and my heart just pounds. Have you ever felt like you could not get close enough to someone even when you are as close as humanly possible? It is the strangest thing Ive never felt that feeling in my life. I know my favorite place to be is in his arms. The world could be falling down around us but when I am there nothing matters! I don't feel like I can tell him enough how much I love him. He is my best friend and I would die for him. Anything he wants I will move heaven and earth to make sure he has it at all cost. I am so glad that he is mine and I love him with all my heart!

Why I love being a mom! (FUNNY)

I love being a mom and here is another reason why. For any of you our daughter Stormie is air headed and hasn't a clue she is my clueless child! She is 9 and with Stormie you have 15 seconds to get on to her if you wait any longer she has totally forgotten what she did and has no idea why you are getting on to her she just smiles and says yes mam or yes sir. Well my husband and I are very strict on the kids saying yes mam and yes sir. Well Ray was talking to Stormie on the phone he asked her something and she said "what" he said "how do you address me?" she said "what sir?" *LOL* Oh my gosh I thought I was going to pee my pants Ray got on the phone with me and said "I love that that child" I said "yep gotta love her" Well we were in the yard working the other night before Ray left and there was a bad flying around I told Stormie and Skyler if you throw a rock up he will dive down and take it. Well they were throwing rocks and it never would dive down. So Ray said come on girls I will show you how to do it. Well they went around the house and Stormie gave her dad a rock to throw. Sure enough the bat flew down and snatched her rock right up. Well Stormie out of the blue says "Uh That mean little Bastard took my rock" and bebops around the house to come tell me. Skyler threw her hand over her mouth she knew Stormie had messed up. Stormie didn't have a clue! Ray come walking around the house he said "Stormie what did you just say?" She said "That bat took my rock" He said "NO!! WHAT did you just say" She said That mean little bastard uh I cant say that word Daddy" I had to walk away I was trying soooo hard not to laugh because he of course was having to get on to her it broke her heart her daddy got on to her. Well she went inside and about 5 min later she came to the back door and said " Are there anymore Bats out here" I said "Nope Stormie I hadn't seen anymore little bastards out here" LOL I thought Ray was going to bust a gut he was laughing so hard Stormie just smiled and said "Okay I'm going to watch TV" I just love my kids more than anything and you never know what is going to come out of their mouths. It is never boring with Children around most defiantly not boring with our children around!

Kids will be kids

My children and my husband are the most important things on this earth to me. My kids are so funny sometimes, and sometimes they will have me so mad I could ring their necks! *LOL* The song that says" I heard the door slam, and thought is the just the wind or was she mad again? OH HELL! Well that would be my oldest daughter Alexis, you can tell how mad she is by the way the door slams, and how fast she saddles her horse up as to how mad she is! She is so much like me it scares the hell out of me. Austin he is just laid back but once he has had enough that is it he is going off. Stormie she never bothers anyone she minds he business and some how her brothers and sisters will about make her crazy my favorite thing in the world is when she gets so mad she will stand up scream, stick her tongue out and blow, after that she is fine. Skyler she is so much like Alexis it is not funny. They mix like Oil and water! Halloween night Austin got on the 4 wheeler and was riding well that just pissed Alexis off (okay picture this she is dressed like a hillbilly, my coveralls, hair in pig tails, blacked out teeth, and big black freckles on her face) She came around the house and says "Austin gets to ride the 4 wheeler That's not fair" I just busted out laughing I told her before you go chew your brother out for riding the 4 wheeler without you, you better go look in the mirror and see just how silly you will look. Well she didn't and she said something to Austin. Of course he laughed and told her she looked like an idiot. Stormie and Skyler were in Fred's last night with me and they were bickering about something I don't even know. Well I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and what did i turn around to the two of them sticking their tongues out at each other and jumping at one another. I laughed then popped them on the head and asked them if they had lost their minds, Stormie looked at me and says mom those eyes in the back of you head are freaking me out! *LOL* I thought the woman on the isle with us was going to pee her pants. When Ray is home the kids are perfect angels not a bickering word in the morning just as kind and sweet they make your teeth hurt just watching and listening to them. The day he is gone hell the devil even says in the morning " Oh Hell their awake!" They turn into monsters. Yea Heather I'm talking about your sweet little angel niece's and nephews!! When I check on them at night I look at them and think they are so sweet! I don't know what happened I was one of those people that said " My kids wont act like that I will beat their butts!" Crap what did I do to myself by saying that? They are just like those kids I said they would be like. I don't like the way crow taste cuz lately Ive been eating it breakfast, lunch and dinner. *LOL* That is just part of being a mother, we learn when we have kids that things are never like we think it is going to be it is always worse! I would not trade any of my kids for a million dollars but I wouldn't give you a wooden nickle for 1 more like them.

The Move to Malvern! HOLY CRAP

Well for all of you who know me I moved to Malvern (my husbands home town) and boy has it been something. It seems like the day that Ray went back to work everything fell apart I mean really. 1st me and the kids had a day to clean the yard yea right everything that we put on the trailer to throw away I guess the horses didn't think we needed to get rid of it , so guess what they did they UNLOADED the whole damn trailer. 2nd Sugar had her baby we have been waiting on this baby for 11 months, well before I even got to set eyes on the little foal the mules killed it that kind of freaked me and the kids out. 3rd I have been sick since we moved up here I went to the dr yesterday and I am starting to feel a little better thank goodness. 4th I turned the heater on today well my head starting hurting so I went and laid down, I am lucky to be alive. I woke up to the house full and I MEAN THICK with propane, yea that would have been a hell of a note to wake up dead, umm never mind I wouldn't have woke up would I. So I have gotten to know my father-n-law, brother-n-law, and Lisa very well I wouldn't blame them if they didn't answer the phone when I called. Oh yea and today while my father-n-law was here I caught the stove on fire. OHHHH Lord please help me I think I may be going crazy. Other than that I think I am going to like it here. I will love it when my husband is home with me every night but anyone that knows me knows that is all I think about, the day Ray comes driving in with the camper and is home with his family!

Life of a pipeliner's wife!

“Life of a pipeliner’s wife”
It is in their blood and any pipeliner's wife will tell you. We put up with the lifestyle because we love our pipeliners and because they love their jobs. They are working their fingers to the bone, so that their family can have what they need. Sometimes all we want is them at home beside us. It really doesn’t get to us until the kids are in the bed. The house is quiet and we are going to bed alone again. When something breaks and we are sitting down in a puddle of water that is shooting out of a pipe under the sink, and we cant figure out why or how to make it stop. We strap on his tool belt and say to ourselves "I can do this how hard can it be?" Then we find out just how hard it really is. We call him mad because we couldn’t fix it, and he is 8 hours away in some town that we’ve never heard of. We are the strongest women, mothers, and wives you will ever meet. We keep the home fires burning while he is away, and still manage to wrap our arms around him when he is home and pray that time will just stand still so that we can hold him just a little while longer. But time flies and he is gone back to the pipeline and we are laying there in that big bed all alone sleeping with the cell phone again. It is going on a month since he has been home and the kids are crying because they miss him. She is crying because she misses him. If you ask a pipeliner's wife would she have it any other way with tears in her eyes she would say "no cuz there ain't nothing finer than a pipeliner!"
By Shellie Nutt

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